A robot turns your block into a state of chaos

Not quite a trilogy, but 2 is better than 1. We partnered with DDB to bring the menacing robot from their TVC to each user’s own street. First in 2011, the robot visited your block using a hack to assemble flat Google Maps imagery into a 3D space. Then in 2013, legitimately this time, we brought the robot to your exact location using your phone's GPS.


We layered a combination of CG and live action imagery on top of dynamic Maps imagery to render each movie. Featuring lasers, explosions and quite literally a state of chaos.


Role: Producer

Creative Direction: David Estes, Oscar Tillman

Design: Jon Brennan, 3D: The Mill, Freeger

Development: Simon Cave, Will Adams

Sound Design: Plan8

Awards: Cannes Lion Silver, FWA, Webbys, NY Festival