Ex-baller, shot caller. Tenacious, technical, ticklish. Disagreeable giver who is allergic to my cat. I've been working at the intersection of storytelling and technology for 13 years. I was born in the PNW, studied psych and bio, then moved to LA and hung out at record labels; promoted the first band on MySpace, and made things for mp3s. After that wore off I went to a little shop called 65 Media and made some wiz bang Flash sites with really elaborate intros. I then crossed the country and spent 5 years at B-Reel NYC, where I experimented with the possibilities of the mobile web, created digital platforms, smart watch apps and campaigns for modern brands. As the web filters through our social channels today, I've followed the rise of experiential to We're Magnetic; where I'm helping to create experiences that are now grounded IRL but ultimately find their way back to the device in the palm of our hand.

I've always liked to combine the creative with the technical. Because there's nothing like telling a story or creating an experience that has never been had before. In all my work, my goal is to find new ways to interact in the places where we live; telling brand stories and connecting audiences through technology and our current and ever-changing behaviors.