Say hi to scout. a new way to run.


In early 2017 CLIF Bar launched the first iteration of Scout on Facebook Messenger. A running service created to help runners find new more adventurous running routes. Built on the Messenger platform, Scout uses a unique conversational approach to suggest new places to run and encourage you to get outside.

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To serve up new routes we initially utilized the MapMyRun API. We also integrated Weather Underground, which allowed us to serve up dynamic messages of encouragement accompanied by custom animated badges. 

The next iteration of Scout will feature our own custom Route Creator API, which aims to offer up even more personalized and relevant runs. We plan to relaunch as an iOS app with the goal of becoming a key running companion in the digital fitness accessory landscape. 

Role: ACD

Creative Technologist: Jeramy Morrill, Copywriter: Michael Lipton, JR AD: Ayaka Terakawa

CD: Jim Wood, Producer: Justin Sunga, EP: Josefine Hedlund

Production: MediaMonks