Sing. play. slay. a cover song campaign for the masses.

Cover of the Month is the followup to last year's MTV Bump. A year long global promotion that asks fans to submit their covers of a featured song. The best submissions get on MTV.

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To keep the promotion going year-round, we've added realtime interactivity. Visitors to the site on both desktop and mobile can clap for their favorite covers along with other other users live.

While fans are clapping, illustrations animate playfully on top of the video using a dynamically generated mask. Turns out it's addictive AF. Over 50 million claps to date.

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Role: Creative, Writer

CD: Jed Grossman, AD: Irena Milev, Design: Jaclyn McKay, Riley Yankowich

Animation: Eddy Nieto, Po-chen Chia, Producer: Ryan Leong

Development: Adam Hartwig, Michel Comen, Lucas Dupin Henrik Porseland, Chris Rouch