An installation for CLIF Bar's presence at the boston Marathon.


Every runner has a running Mantra. CLIF wanted to connect with runners at the Boston Marathon by celebrating the reasons why we run. 

The CLIF popup was positioned just blocks from the Boston finish line in Boylston Plaza; drawing crowds and passersby during the weekend leading up to Marathon Monday. As runners and their families prepped for race day, we invited them to take a minute to think about why they run.

Based on values unique to each person’s handwriting style; the curvature, speed, and pressure all helped to create a dynamically rendered webgl world around their mantra, transforming it from simple 2D strokes into a 3-Dimensional running path.

We then invited them to literally run through their mantra. Runners controlled their own pace by running in place on a custom built sensor driven game pad. Once their run was complete, our runners could collect a physical printout of their mantra creation to take home or a digital version to share on their social feeds.

Role: ACD

Creative Technologist: Jeramy Morrill, Producer: Justin Sunga, EP: Josefine Hedlund

CD: Jim Wood

Production: Red Paper Heart <3