Experience the isolation of floating alone in the vastness of space

For the launch of the movie Gravity, Warner Brothers wanted to let fans experience for themselves the panic and fear of floating 372 miles above the Earth. 

We created an immersive WebGL experience that puts the viewer in the role of the film’s main character as her routine spacewalk goes horribly wrong. For maximum authenticity, we used 3D models of the spacecraft and environments from the film itself.

The immersive nature of VR was a perfect fit for the experience, so we also ported it to Oculus to allow users to look in every direction.


Role: Producer, Creative Direction

Art Direction: Irena Milev, Design: Jon Brennan

3D: Emil Karlsson, Freeger

Development: Israel Pastrana, Joe Zhou

Awards: TheFWA, Awwwards, Communication Arts, Webby Nominee

Tech: HTML5, WebGL, WebAudio, CSS3D, Canvas, WebRTC,