HQ space and activations at the well known tech tradeshow.

CES18_HQenvironment_5Q7A9056 (1).jpg

Facebook asked us to create their 2018 HQ space at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. We concepted and designed a 6000 sq foot space for clients to hold meetings, learn about the family of apps and services and to rest and recharge from the trade show floor.


In addition to activation areas for Instagram, Messenger and Oculus and as a focal point to the space, we created an immersive motion piece showing How The World Watches video on Facebook's platforms. Guests could walk through the structure, engaged by the story surrounding them, learning all the different ways brands can use video to reach consumers today.


ROle: Creative Director
ACD/Design Director: Debbie Yeh
3D: Amanda Lee, Design: Preeti Jain, julien noguera